Thursday, 6 December 2018

summer learning journey: Jordan is awesome,
Jordan is cool

In the mid-1930s, things began to change for the better in New Zealand. More
people were able to find work and receive a steady paycheck. They were still
careful, however, with their money and rarely, if ever, bought treats or gifts for
one another.

I would give them my technology to do SUMMER LEARNING JOURNEY.


Thursday, 2 August 2018

Jump rope

W.A.L.T.: Create graphs using data we collected and learn how to create a graph and to make a graph look cool.

explanation: how I made this graph was easy first get your data like I did with the bots and numbers second I highlighted the data and clicked "make a graph" then I made the title then a title for the vertical axis then I made a title for the legend then I added the names of the people that I collected the data from.
and also the data was made up but you could still make a graph like that.

jump rope
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